A Trio of Master Classes

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Our recent survey on the State of Transformation in Housing revealed that whilst there is a lot of change activity in the sector, it is unclear how much progress is being made.

are unable to accurately evidence ROI

are unclear on how to prioritise Big Data initiatives

are unable to measure the social impact of their change

It's time to change the face of transformation in Housing.  We have partnered with transformation experts from public and private sector to bring you a trio of masterclasses designed to inspire, educate and accelerate transformation across the sector.

Understand and measure the social impact created through your transformation with HACT’s Social Value Bank and tools.

Measure Social Impact 

Before you invest millions in transformation, ensure that you’re able to evidence measurable enterprise value creation.

Evidence ROI

Can't afford a failed programme?  Our experimental change framework means you only invest in projects that make you better.

De-Risk Change 

Understand where to focus your attention for the greatest returns and learn how to do more with less.

Prioritise Effort

A value driven, transformation management framework that reduces execution risk for Housing Associations who can't afford to get it wrong.

This session is designed for  Business Leaders, Transformation Leads and Digital Change Agents.

  • Practical advice to get your transformation on track 
  • Learn leading edge methodologies for measuring value
  • Consultation style, interactive session with industry experts

This is first come first serve  event.   Please pledge your interest early to avoid disappointment.

Join our upcoming hero Master Class!

When: April dates TBC - Please pledge your interest!

Where: London, Old Street

Tickets: £250 per person

  • Create opportunity backlog
  • Understand current & required data sets
  • Identify current & target metrics
  • Create hypotheses

Experiment with Data  

De-Risking Data Projects

Master Class

Learn how we are applying this value based methodology to Data initiatives designed to:

  • understand the economic circumstances of tenants, allowing Housing Associations to react or predict issues quicker.  
  • drive efficiencies in maintenance and repairs programmes and even predict when faults are likely to happen.
  • reduce health & safety risk across housing estates leveraging sensor technology and IoT 

This is first come, first serve event.  Sign up early!

When:  April dates TBC - Please pledge your interest!

Where: London City, Manchester City 

Tickets: £250 per person

An approach to understanding the ROI of your Big Data  initiatives before investing too heavily.







  • Spin up POCs and tech enabled prototypes
  • Run control trials & assess impact on target metrics
  • Prove / disprove hypotheses 
  • Test, learn, measure value and improve solution
  • Prioritise highest value initiatives 
  • Apply holistic change framework
  • Build enterprise grade solution
  • Roll out & measure ROI 

Measuring Social Impact

How to understand, measure, and communicate your social impact using the latest versions of HACT’s UK Social Value Bank and associated tools and resources.

What you will Learn:

  • Background to the theory behind social impact measurement
  • Getting to know the UK Social Value Bank – the most robust set of methodologically consistent social values available. 
  • A full practical demonstration on how to apply these values using the latest version of the Value Calculator to measure the social impact of your work. 
  • How to communicate your results to inform decisions and maximise your ongoing social impact.
  • Examples of how other organisations have used the Social Value Bank to understand results, inform decision making and improve their work.

Measuring Social Impact

Master Class: April dates TBC

Location: London City, Manchester City

Tickets: £250 per person